Joining the Best Partners program

The Best Partners Affiliate Program is a partnership program where you earn commissions based on the wagering activity of players that you refer to any of the clients we manage. It's an easy way to generate income from traffic you already have on your website.
The Best Partners Affiliate Program is free to join. Simply fill out our application form and you will be contacted within three business days regarding your acceptance into the program. If your application is accepted, you receive an email confirming you have access to banners, text links, and other content and marketing tools to add to your website.
We look at these cases on an individual basis. Prepare a marketing plan outlining your target market, scope, potential, demographic and any previous marketing campaigns. Email for more information.
Affiliates are welcome from anywhere in the world.
You can only register online through the join form found here, or email with your request.
Yes, you are able to participate in other affiliate programs.
Our affiliate team reviews each application and evaluates it for content and suitability. We DO NOT accept websites:
  • without their own domain
  • with adult content
  • any type of website that is in violation of the law or the ethical standards determined by Best Partners
No, we do not accept any rakeback websites.
Best Partners reviews each application individually. In most instances, your application will be reviewed within three business days.
You can have as many links as you want to a Best Partners brand. The more links you have, the better the likelihood that visitors will click through to one of our partners.
Once we've accepted your application, you can get any banners and content by visiting the Media section of our site. You can then browse the suite of creative, or search for relevant banners based on the product, language, size, type and promotion. For specific requests, please get in touch with your Account Manager or email
You should place the links and banners on the home page or other high traffic pages. The more visibility you give a Best Partners client, the more visitors will see it and click through to open an account. You can discuss placement with your Account Manager to maximize the exposure of the links.
Yes. As a Best Partners Affiliate, you have access to a wide variety of graphics and content you can use on your website. You may not alter or create your own banners or graphics without obtaining permission from Betting Partners. If you have any questions about graphics, please contact us at
We use cookies to track referrals to all Best Partners brands. When a visitor to your website clicks through from a banner or text link that contains your unique tracking ID, a cookie is dropped on their computer. This cookie tells us how this player reached the site and you are credited with the referral.
Best Partners does not accept affiliates who engage in spam activities. If an affiliate is using spamming practices, their account is closed immediately, and any payments forfeited. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Account information

Yes, you can have multiple websites, and use the same affiliate ID for multiple sites. You can also set up separate tracking codes for each site, so you can compare how well each site performs.
You can change your account information by clicking on Account and then going to Update Account details on the menu.
Your contact information is secure with Best Partners. We do not sell or rent your contact information to anyone. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
You can request a password reminder at It will be sent to your email address. If you need further assistance, contact your Account Manager or email
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.
If you are unsure if your links are tracking properly, please email support or your account representative for assistance.


As there are multiple clients operating within the Best Partners Program in different markets around the globe, our clients' websites are equipped with geo-targeting functionality that directs prospective players to the appropriate site for their jurisdiction. This ensures players receive the content and offers relevant to their market.
Yes. Affiliate tracking works across all Best Partners' clients.
Yes. We have tested all tools in our affiliate resource section, and they function and track properly. Be sure to use the code exactly as shown.
If a player clicks on one of our client's links that is not for their local website, they are automatically redirected to the home page of one of our clients that does service that jurisdiction.

Earnings and payments

No, you cannot earn commissions on your own account. If you create a player account as a referral of yourself, your account will be removed from your referral portfolio., and Bumbet

Yes, negative balances will carry over from month to month. You'll need to work off the negative balance before you will be paid., Ignition Casino, Cafe Casino, Joe Fortune, and

No, negative balances are NOT carried forward from month to month, your account will reset to $0.00 at the start of every month. earnings are also not bundled with other partner revenue, so any earnings accrued on will be paid out regardless of affiliate account balances with other partner brands.

Please see how all commissions are calculated here.
For Sportsbook, Casino and Poker wagers, net revenue is calculated as gross revenue less charge backs, complimentary money, processing and licensing fees, free money offers, and other incentives offered to the customer.

For Poker, net revenue is calculated as the sum total of all players' contribution to all "rakes" and tournament fees while playing in the Bodog and Ignition Casino's Poker Room, less any tournament tickets (bonus or promotional amounts given to players), processing and licensing fees, charge backs or any uncollectable revenue (attributable to the player).

For the Racebook, net revenue is calculated as all gross monies from bets made by players less monies paid out as winnings, processing and licensing fees, fraud, charge-backs, bonuses, and other incentives.
Yes, you can set up multiple unique tracking IDs that are all part of the same affiliate ID.
Here is the minimum required earnings required, as well as the maximum for any Bitcoin payment:

Bitcoin Min: Please note our minimum payout requirement will be set to $200 USD as of January 1, 2019. The minimum payment threshold will need to be met in order for your payment to be triggered.

*Note that If your monthly earnings are significantly large, you can receive multiple increments for the same commission month's payment.

**If commissions are less than the minimum balance, they are held until the next month, or until the minimum balance is reached in your account.
If an account is considered fraudulent or has charge backs, it will be disabled. Commissions are not earned on disabled accounts.
At this time the only method of payment we offer is Bitcoin.
No. We no longer offer this payment option, at this time we solely offer Bitcoin as payout method.
No. Betting Partners only pay commissions to the individual affiliate, and will not transfer funds to other individuals.
No. You only earn commissions based on players you refer. You do not earn commissions on impressions or clicks.
You can view your earnings statement online, including your referral's wagering activity for the month and your commissions earned. Unique reports can also be sent on a per request basis.

You can view player sign ups and activity statistics for a given time period by logging into our online reporting tool using your username and password. Affiliates on CPA and revenue share programs can view all relevant data from which commissions are derived, and the reports are updated daily.
As we continue to develop our backend system for our affiliates, we will be integrating banner stats and click-throughs to the reporting for affiliates.
Protecting the privacy of players is of the utmost importance. When players open an account, they know their information is safe. That's why they continue to play. We do provide the account numbers of players so our affiliates can track individual players.
To remain an active affiliate in our program, you need to refer a minimum of three depositing players over a rolling six-month period. Affiliates who fail to refer the minimum number of players and are on the revenue share program have their monthly commission percentage lowered to 10% until they reach the minimum requirement. At that time they are back to the standard revenue share program.


When the ownership of your website changes, the ownership of that website's sheet of players does not necessarily follow suit. Prior to a change of ownership please contact your Account Manager or
Get in touch by using the ticketing system through your account. Simply open a new ticket and it will be assigned to your Account Manager.
Be sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook where we show regular updates. You can also see what’s new when you are logged into your Betting Partners account on the Home page under "News".